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CSR, Inc.

CSR, Inc.


Oil & Gas


C.S.R., established in 1979, specializes in the selling and repair of electro/mechanical (E.M.) cables used in the oil and gas industry. C.S.R. offers the expertise and professionalism required in the installation and splicing of EM cables. C.S.R. has a broad range of experience in repairing and troubleshooting problems encountered with the use of EM. cables. A complete service facility is available for any industry need. During the mid 80’s, C.S.R. began a relationship with the coil tubing industry. C.S.R. was the first in the industry to splice EM cable while inside coil tubing. Today, they continue to assist the coil tubing industry in all areas involving EM cables. With well over one thousand cable installations, C.S.R. leads the industry in cable installations within coil tubing. C.S.R., armed with its experience and knowledge, began a new venture in the oceanography industry. The professionals and their equipment are capable of handling 32,000 ft of .720 coaxial cable. They continue to install and repair oceanographic cables, including coaxial cable splicing. In 1995, C.S.R. expanded its services to include the manufacturing of equipment used in the industry for companies worldwide. These companies have required various types of equipment needed for facilities capable of cable installations and repairs. Equipment can be manufactured to individual specifications and requirements. With their vast knowledge, professionalism, and expertise in the oil and gas industry, C.S.R. is considered a leader in the field. They continue to be called upon as a consultant, distributor, and servicing agent throughout the world. Their integrity is unquestionable, their work ethic is unsurpassed and their willingness to aid those in the oil and gas industry are only a few qualities which set them apart from others in the industry. If your needs demand the best, then C.S.R. is the company to call upon.


Keith Nutt

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